World of Dragon Nest – Nexon Thailand reveals 5 new content in upcoming mobile MMORPG

First reported a couple of weeks back after intel from the Korean media, Nexon Thailand today officially confirmed that it is publishing World of Dragon Nest in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. A few of the game features have also been revealed about this mobile MMORPG, so read on to find out more!

1. Open World

As mentioned in our very first article on World of Dragon Nest, the game will retain its open world concept where players can get to explore the world together, and not as instanced dungeons in the PC version. Activities such as fishing, farming, gathering, crafting and more awaits in World of Dragon Nest!

2. New “Swap” Battle System

Each class is able to swap between 2 different weapons at any time, in the process giving characters a new set of skills. Players must master this system to unleash the maximum combo damage on the enemies!

3. Selectable Gender

For the first time ever, players can choose between the 2 genders for all classes!

4. Time-travel Storyline

Through the story campaign, players will get to travel from the present to the past to unravel various mysteries and seek out the truth. Was The Black Knight Velskud truly a hero turned traitor and enemy? Or was there much more to his story?

5. 200-Player PVP Battlefield

4 teams of 50 players will battle out in the largest PVP battlefield ever seen in a Dragon Nest game! It was not mentioned if this is a Guild vs Guild content or a randomly-teamed PVP mode. Stay tuned for more info!