Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad – Recruit characters from Tom Clancy’s universe in new mobile title

At E3 2019, other than the AAA offerings, Ubisoft also announced Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, a new Free-to-Play action mobile RPG. Developed by Ubisoft Owlient, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a military game based on the lore of Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, The Division and Rainbow Six. For the first time, players can assemble a team of characters from the Tom Clancy’s universe, including Caveira, Sam Fisher, El Sueño, Montagne, Nomad and more.


Players will participate in real-time shooting battles using their best soldiers as they gain experience with upgraded weapons and gear. Leading the team on the most iconic battlefields from the Tom Clancy’s universe, a player can trigger game-changing orders at the perfect moment, ultimately defeating their opponent’s squad. Players will challenge other squads in the Arena for intense PvP battles and will join forces in epic Guild Wars.

The game also includes a thrilling campaign mode, featuring a unique Tom Clancy’s storyline where players will have to face a new threat to save the world. Players can pre-register now on the official website to unlock an exclusive in-game character, Colonel Cole D. Walker from Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ubisoft Owlient, formerly known as Owlient, was founded in 2005 and acquired by Ubisoft in 2011. Remember to pre-register for the game!