TERA Origin – Closed Beta recruitment begins in Japan for new mobile MMORPG

Asian gaming giant Netmarble today announced that its latest mobile MMORPG, TERA Origin, has started recruitment for the Closed Beta phase in Japan. First announced back in April, Netmarble has once again stated that TERA Origin is a new product different from TERA M, which launched in South Korea in 2017 to dismay financial results. Hence, TERA Origin is the 4th confirmed mobile MMORPG based on the TERA IP after TERA M, TERA Frontier, and TERA Classic. The PC and PlayStation 4 version of TERA apparently did very well in Japan, hence Netmarble is confident that TERA Origin will be a hit in the country.

Also, TERA Origin is developed by Squall, a development studio under Korean company Krafton (formerly Bluehole). A new system found in TERA Origin is the Raven, which is something similar to a follower or pets feature. Or perhaps the Eidolon system found in Aura Kingdom, if you played the game. Ravens will help characters in battle too with their various unique abilities. This is something unique which is definitely not found in TERA M!