Nexon – Second media day event introduces new games and other updates

Following the first edition back in March, Nexon today held its “Nexon Special Day Vol. 2” at the Nexon Arena in Seoul, South Korea. The gaming giant had previously stated it will hold a few of such media events throughout the year to better share the latest game updates and introduce new games to the masses. Here is a short summary of what went down over at Nexon Special Day Vol. 2! Spoiler: MapleStory gets yet another new mobile game…

MapleStory Odyssey, the latest mobile game based on Nexon’s most profitable and popular IP, was announced. Details are kind of sketchy right now, but Nexon did mention that the game will retain the charm of the original MapleStory, including familiar NPCs and monsters. MapleStory Odyssey also boasts “real-time combat” and “collection elements.” You can have a better look at the game in the Nexon Special Day Vol. 2 video above. It does look like a rehashed version of MapleStory Blitz with Mercedes as the main character. Closed Beta is scheduled to start in South Korea this summer vacation season. Stay tuned!

Update: According to the Q&A session with the development leaders at the end of the presentation, MapleStory Odyssey “can be considered” to be a reboot of MapleStory Blitz.

ArkResona is the other totally new game announced during this event, and it is a mobile puzzle game developed in Japan. The current pre-registration phase there has apparently reached over 70,000 users. ArkResona is only currently planned to launch in Japan.

First revealed back in January earlier this year, Revisions: Next Stage is also a Japan-only title for now. The anime series ended quite recently back, and I remembered it being not very interesting. The mobile game is set to launch later this year.

Counter Side made some waves in the Korean gaming community when it was announced back in 2018 with its cool anime designs. We still have yet to see any actual game screenshots, but it will apparently be a mobile strategy game where players form a team of characters for combat. Closed Beta testing is scheduled to begin in the 3rd quarter.

TalesWeaver M looks like the most promising mobile game of the lot. Based on the popular TalesWeaver MMORPG, which I think never got an official western launch, the game will start off with Chapter 1 and be updated regularly with new content. Features such as story dungeons and rune system will be included as well. Closed Beta should begin soon.

The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon is based on Nexon’s evergreen PC MMORPG, Baram, which started service back in 1996 and was recognized as the “Longest-running commercial graphical MMORPG” by Guinness World Records. This mobile version will retain much of the 2D look, but improved to modern-day visuals and adding new content not found in the original. Closed Beta for The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon is scheduled to start this August.

• Finally, the only PC game on the list is KurtzPel. Nexon will launch and service this action MMORPG for the domestic South Korean market. Developed by KOG, the game is scheduled to launch in the first half next year. Man, that’s a pretty long wait.