Gears POP! – Microsoft reveals mobile game based on popular console IP

The Coalition and Funko are excited to announce Gears POP!, the Gears’ franchise new mobile-first game. Cute and tough-as-nails characters from the game were brought to life in the new short “Kitten Around with RAAM” which also debuted during the media briefing today. In this animated short, the audience is treated to a quick sneak peek at the playful banter between Kait and RAAM that’s so cute – it’s to die for. Brought to you by Xbox and Funko Animation Studios, “Kitten Around With RAAM” is the first in a series of animated shorts starring characters from Gears POP!. Look for them to return as launch gets closer.

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In Gears POP!, players collect and upgrade dozens of iconic Gears of War heroes and villains, each designed with distinctive and adorable Funko POP! vinyl design. Build the ultimate squad and lead them to victory in the Arena where you will compete against other collectors and competitors around the world in fast-paced tactical cover-combat!

Each Gears of War Funko POP! physical figure in the upcoming wave (5 of them) includes a digital code for the mobile game as well. That’s not all. There’s also a limited run Collector’s Box that is a must have for any Gears of War Funko POP! collector. This box is exclusive to GameStop and includes a Gears POP! art book, hat, pins, digital code for the Gears POP! mobile game, and 4 more Gears of War Funko POP! figures: Skorge (red variant), Marcus (gold-dipped variant), Myrrah (patina variant), and Anya (for the very first time ever)!