Call of Duty: Global Operations – Development on strategy mobile game stops

While Call of Duty Mobile is currently enjoying some positive feedback during its soft launch, another mobile game based on the Call of Duty IP is not faring too well. First announced in 2017 as an unnamed project between Chinese developer Elex and Activision Publishing, an official document was revealed yesterday signalling the end of the game, Call of Duty: Global Operations. Since April 2019, Call of Duty: Global Operations has been conducting its soft launch phase in United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

However, according to the official document from developer Elex, despite both parties working hard together to improve and optimize the game (meaning getting players to pay), the results attained were not satisfying. As Call of Duty: Global Operations is a mobile strategy game in the veins of Game of War: Fire Age and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, it was expected to rake in big money even during the soft launch. To cap off the document, Elex claimed it has learned much international experience during the 2 years working with Activision, and the cancellation will not affect Elex’s financials and in-development titles.