Overhit – Unreal Engine 4 mobile RPG launches worldwide

Countless unique heroes from across time and space enlist for battle in Overhit, the highly-anticipated turn-based action RPG developed by NAT Games and published by Nexon. Beginning today, mobile players worldwide can download and dive into Overhit for free on the App Store and Google Play. In Overhit, a resistance army known as the Black Wings fights back against the evil Conclave Corporation’s plans to destroy the world. Players take command of over 120 unique heroes, all voiced by voice actors from popular anime series.

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Overhit also boasts the use of the Unreal 4 Engine to deliver a gorgeous world with console-inspired 3D backgrounds for stunning action-adventure gameplay. Some of Overhit’s unprecedented catalog of immersive features include:

Endless Collectable Heroes – Over 120 diverse, playable characters with unique voiceovers await command to fight alongside players to restore peace;

Intricate Strategies – Overhit’s intuitive battle system places the power in mobile players’ hands, requiring coordination and turn-based formulaic strategy to earn victory;

Awe-Inspiring Graphics – The Unreal 4 Engine delivers revamped 3D graphics and beautifully-illustrated 2D character artwork;

Superstar Cast of Voiceover Legends – Famous voice actors including Kaito Ishikawa, Aya Uchida, Toiyuki Morikawa and more take the roles of Overhit’s favorite heroes as explorers, hunters, archers and more;

Unique Game Modes – Overhit offers a myriad of challenging game types, including raids, arena battles, Terra Shift dungeons, an epic story mode, Event Dungeons and more;

Collaborative Guild Wars – Players can team up and face off against villainous bosses, embark on expeditions and go head-to-head against competitors worldwide

To help celebrate Overhit’s global launch, players are invited to explore several never-before-seen features, including new quests, rewards, user rating systems, navigation panels and more. The launch also delivers an overhaul of balances and improvements throughout Overhit to further its immersive experience. As Overhit surpassed 1 million pre-registrations in the last month, players who participate in the global launch can participate in the SSR character giveaway. Similarly, all participating players will receive 230 D-Games, 300,000 Arn, five Gacha Tickets and the SSR character Sophia. Everyone is rewarded!