OH~! My Office – Become your own boss and turn your company into a unicorn

Developed by an indie game studio based in Hong Kong, OH~! My Office is a refreshing breather in a market heavily saturated with mobile RPG titles. In this office simulation game, you are the boss of a bankrupt company, handed down to you by your father, waving goodbyes to your employees on the last day. However, you get a second chance to travel through time and wield special tools from the future to change the company’s fate! Will you be able to save the company this time? It is all up to how you manage your staff!

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Your staff is the company’s best resource. The game features a large cast of colorful and unique characters each with their personal abilities and talents. Build up your dream team and become the next billion dollar unicorn! Also, equip your office with better facilities, equipment, office pets or give yourself a makeover. Do everything you can to boost morale!

Key game features of OH~! My Office:

11 Chapters to push your company to all new levels!

Over 50 unique staff to choose from, 10 different types of staff each with 6 unique abilities!

Customize, modify and arrange your office layout. Special office items to help you become a global company!

Deep avatar system to customize yourself to be the ultimate boss!

• Lots of “management tools” at your disposal!

• 100% Pet Friendly Office!

• Cast of Colorful Characters