MU Origin 2 – Journey into a new MU continent Part 3

Just last week, I decided to set out on a journey in MU Origin 2, the latest mobile MMORPG to launch in the Southeast Asia region for Android and iOS devices. While mobile games are notorious in getting players to sink into a money pit, I took the chance to see how far I would be able to go without charging a single cent in MU Origin 2, starting on a brand new character (I do have a level 280+ as well). Playing in 1-hour blocks, I have thus far finished around 2 hours of gameplay in Part 1 and Part 2. Let’s continue our journey now!

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Key observations

• Do note that the aim of the video above is to showcase this journey’s authenticity, while other game features such as PVE and PVP will be introduced in upcoming articles.

• Hitting around level 180 in just around 3 hours is pretty amazing, given that my main character is just level 280 with quite a significant VIP level as well. Amazing progress!

• There are many features in MU Origin 2 which helps players improve their characters’ Battle Points (BP), and the latest to unlock on this journey is the Gem Inset system. Gems can be upgraded to a higher level, and higher rank gears will have more gem sockets.

• The other feature to unlock before Gem Inset was Greed’s Cavern, a simple daily PVE dungeon where monsters drop tons of gold. Gold is really important in MU Origin 2, as it allows skills to be upgraded, items to be merged, and more. While other mobile MMORPG titles tend to leave in-game currency behind, I would say gold is still very important at higher levels here. Complete the daily activities (see below) and you should be fine!

• As mentioned previously, most activities resets at in-game time 12:00 AM daily, and the Daily Quests are some of those which must certainly be done faithfully. The amount of experience points, gold, and sometimes items given are a godsend!

• While it is great that new features are still being unlocked, I can certainly feel the pace of progress slowing down. Do note that I did not trade or buy anything from any player, and everything on my journey thus far have been obtained through quests and dungeon drops.

• The one negative I have is how useless the Barry summon is. Perhaps it is bugged, but it seldom attacks or tank for the player. In fact, it can disappear into the thin air sometimes!