Hunter’s Arena: Legends – New gameplay trailer revealed for upcoming RPG arena title

We first talked about Hunter’s Arena: Legends back in March when Korean developer Mantisco was showcasing the game at Games Developer Conference (GDC). Powered by Unreal Engine 4, a new game trailer was recently revealed for the MOBA and battle royale hybrid PC title, highlighting the open world “RPG Arena” concept. We will get more into the various modes and combat system found in Hunter’s Arena: Legends in the article below. The game is currently scheduled to launch worldwide on Steam for the PC later this year.

If you are into tactical action combat, you are in for a treat. Perhaps you can think of the combat system in Black Desert Online, but with more rock-paper-scissors tactics required to succeed. In Hunter’s Arena: Legends, it works based on a high risk = high rewards and low risk = low rewards process. The chart below should illustrate this concept more clearly.

The battle royale mode in Hunter’s Arena: Legends is currently known as Survival, with 50 players battling out to be the last player standing. I am not sure how the trio squad system works due to the 50 players limit, but we will find out more in the near future. While there is a focus on PVP, players can also enjoy a PVE horde mode fighting waves of monsters.