Triple Chain – Cubinet announces new strategic puzzle RPG for global market

[Facebook page] Southeast Asian games publisher Cubinet Interactive recently announced Triple Chain, a new mobile game touted to redefine the strategy and puzzle RPG genre through it’s challenging and addictive gameplay. Before Triple Chain launches worldwide, it will first have an Alpha Test in Southeast Asia on 22 April for Android devices. With a fusion of strategy-puzzle and RPG elements, players must equip their teams of heroes and set forth on an epic adventure via story quests and various game modes. The key to victory is to seize each stage by building up chains to defeat your enemies and remove all obstacles!

Key features of Triple Chain:

Story Modes and Challenging Maps – Each map tells a different story and offers unique challenges. They get more difficult with as players progress!

6 Unique Hero Classes – Warrior, Mage, Healer, Tanker, Specialist, and Dancer. Each class has their own specific role to fulfill on the battlefield. Players must switch between different lineups and secure victory!

Epic Boss Battles – Face the mighty world bosses and reap bountiful rewards after slaying them!

Real-time PvP – Challenge other players and seek out the truth about your team’s strength!