MU Origin 2 – Journey into a new MU continent Part 2

In this new series of articles, I take a journey into MU Origin 2, a new mobile MMORPG which launched earlier this year in Southeast Asia. If you did not know, MU Origin 2 is based on the official MU Online from Webzen, and everything is properly licensed. The goal of this series is to start a brand new character, and see how far we can reach in 4 different 1-hour blocks without charging any cash. Perhaps the most popular class now, the Archer class is selected. We ended at around level 100 in Part 1, so let’s continue our journey!

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New features and skills – New content continue to be unlocked throughout my journey every few levels, and there is always something new to power-up my character.

Meditation Income – Even if you are offline, the Meditation Income system will take note of the hours you are away and provide players with 2 options to claim back lost experience points and items, one via gold or the premium one via diamonds (only VIP 5 and above). While this system is found in some other mobile games, the rebate in MU Origin 2 seems super generous!

PVP Arena – The first solo PVP mode was unlocked during Part 2 of the journey! Basically a 1 vs 1 battle, players will need to win others higher up in the ranks to progress. However, there will still be rewards for each defeat. The battle points can be used to exchange to items in the Warrior Shop, which I will touch on in other articles.


Graphics error on PC emulator – The Atlans map is giving me graphics error playing on 2 different Android emulators on the PC. There should not be any issue on mobile phones.

Level gating content – I am starting to hit the point (around level 155) where the normal quests are not enough to reach certain levels for the main story quests to unlock.


Upgrading equipment – The top 3 color tiers of equipment are Blue, Purple, and Orange. Always keep either the Purple or Orange ones, as 3 of the same tier equipment can be merged into a higher rank item of the same part. For example, 3 Orange tier gloves at Rank 3 can be merged to become 1 Orange tier gloves at Rank 4. You cannot mix different color tiers of equipment during this combination process. Important: Always enter the best one out of the 3 in the “Main” slot!

Get the best equipment – Orange equipment drop primarily in the Hell mode of solo dungeons.

Upgrade your wings – Material for wings upgrade primarily drop from the Demons Tower (or infinite PVE tower) activity. It is advisable to clear this just before the daily reset, as more levels are unlocked when your character is higher level.

Daily reset time – Most of the major activities and events reset daily at 12:00 AM in-game time, which you can see at the lower left corner. Also, there is a countdown timer beside each activity in the “Events” window. It has been sometime since I played a mobile game with this convenient feature!