Kritika: The White Knights – 15th playable class Steam Walker arrives in mobile action RPG

Global mobile games publisher Gamevil recently announced it has released the 15th playable class, Steam Walker, for it popular mobile RPG Kritika: The White Knights. Possessing the ability to attack with lightning speed, Steam Walker can destroy enemies from a distance by discharging energy. The two highly-advanced machines that emit magnetic frequencies on his hands can also help to control the powerful dark energy.

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This massive update also features Character Achievement, which opens once a character is awakened. There are achievements graded 1 to 10, and players can raise rank and increase stats once the challenges are completed. The skill levels of Super Awaken passive, Buffs, and EXs have been extended too. Additionally, the cooldown of Awakening Stone Mission and Super Awakening Stone Mission is reduced to hasten Super Awakening Skill level-up!

Another special addition in this update is the 7-day log-in event, which will grant players a total of 30,000 Karats, as well as Draco+25 and Walpurga +25. With these two pets, players can create a mighty Ethereal+ Great Sage to aid them in battle! Finally, Avatar, Kritika’s indispensable specialty, will also be added to enrich all players’ collection.