Square Enix – New core project led by Final Fantasy XIV head announced

It was recently reported that Naoki Yoshida, the mastermind behind the modern rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV and Head of Square Enix Business Division 5, has now taken charge of the department known as Square Enix Development Division 3 (第三開発事業本部). Previous titles made include Final Fantasy XIV and the Dragon Quest Builders series of games. Under the leadership of Naoki Yoshida, a new core project has already started to “challenge the next generation”. Initial development has finished, and Development Division 3 has now shifted to a large-scale development phase. Mass hiring has also started for many roles.

According to the various role descriptions Square Enix is hiring for Development Division 3, this new core title will be running on all consoles and the PC. Both 2D and 3D artists are required, along with experience such as AI, quest planning, combat system development, map and scenario designing, build engineering and more. This mysterious project will definitely be an online game as well for the worldwide audience. Stay tuned for updates!