MU Legend – New class Black Phantom arriving this month in action MMORPG

[Play free now] Global games developer and publisher Webzen today announced a massive new update scheduled to arrive for its action MMORPG, MU Legend, later this month. This upcoming expansion will include a new and powerful character, the Black Phantom, a human female wielder of dark magic in its purest form. Players will be tasked to maximize her potential using her unique skills and mechanics to rain destruction upon her enemies!

The update will also welcome the arrival of a level-cap increase to 80, new Mythic and Epic dungeons, the 2nd part of Noria’s story, and unique weapons and armor for all characters. Along with the arrival of the Black Phantom, the MU Legend team will be running a variety of new events and many fun activities for all players. Interested players are advised to stay tuned for a confirmed launch date for the Black Phantom, coming soon to MU Legend!