Dragon Raja 2 – Mobile sequel to classic PC MMORPG confirmed for Taiwan

Developed by Korean studio Skymoons Technology, Dragon Raja 2 is an upcoming mobile MMORPG which concluded its Closed Beta phase last December in South Korea. You might be familiar with the name Dragon Raja, as it was also presented in the form of a PC MMORPG in 2000 (English server) and a less than satisfactory mobile game in 2004. These are based on the Korean novel Dragon Raja, while Dragon Raja 2 is based on the sequel Future Walker from the same author. Dragon Raja 2 got my attention recently as a deal was signed to publish the game in Taiwan by the local subsidiary of game giant Netmarble.

The story of Dragon Raja features 8 sentient races based on western fantasy, including Elves, Dragons (which plays a major role), Orcs, Dwarves and more. Raja is basically someone who controls dragons, although it remains to be seen if all are towards the side of good. Players of Dragon Raja 2 will also be able to recruit various NPCs from the novel to join the on their adventures. The first mobile game made it to the global market (which has since closed), so there is a chance the sequel might too. Stay tuned for future updates!