Brown Dust – Global launch begins for new mobile strategy RPG

Games publisher Neowiz today announced that Brown Dust, the highly-successful mobile strategy RPG boasting more than 4 million downloads in Asia, has launched globally across more than 150 countries on iOS and Android. To celebrate today’s launch and over 300,000 pre-registrations on the Android platform, Neowiz is providing players with a package of exclusive welcome rewards to help them get up and running in the Age of Mercenaries.

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There will be several events and login bonuses during the launch window with enough items to jump-start any player’s experience in Brown Dust. Every day from March 7th until March 17th, if a player logs into Brown Dust they will receive 10 free recruits. This totals up to 110 free recruits from the entire event! This is surely the most generous event ever!

Players can buy the Global Launch Package which is available for 2500 Diamonds until April 3rd and includes a host of items to help players get started off right in Brown Dust:

• ★5 Skill Book x 1
• Honor Point x 2,000
• Gold x 3,650,000
• Horseshoe x 4,000
• Arena Sword x 400

Additionally, Brown Dust is seeking content creators, community leaders, or other influencers who are interested in potential partnership programs, creator events, community moderation roles, and more! Interested parties can learn more about the Brown Dust Partner Program and apply today by visiting the official Brown Dust website.


Following the murder of Emperor Altair II during a revolt spurred by his most loyal general, Fabian “The Master of the Six Devils,” the world is in disarray and four nations splinter from the empire. Players assume the role of Fabian’s son, tasked with taking up their father’s mantle and forming their own army of Mercenaries to bring peace to the splintered lands of Brown Dust; they must find the truth about why their father committed treason and thrust the world into ceaseless war.

Easy to pick up but difficult to master, Brown Dust effortlessly blends classic turn-based combat, riveting narratives, and captivating anime-inspired designs to deliver the ultimate mobile strategy experience.


• More than 300 Mercenaries to collect
• Over 1200 unique and challenging battles
• An ongoing quest-driven story
• Hundreds of ways to customize and strengthen your Mercenaries
• Seasonal Guild War PVP
• Dungeons, World Bosses, and Co-op Raids