ROTK: The Legend of Caocao – Developers explain new PVP mode for mobile tactical RPG

New content arrives for Nexon Korea’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms (RoTK): The Legend of CaoCao, the mobile remake of the classic turn-based tactical role-playing simulation grand strategy war game. Novices and veterans can now enlist in the massive new player vs player (PvP) game mode that boasts even more active play than the game’s previous asynchronous Annihilation mode. The PvP content update is now available to download in North America and Southeast Asia on both Google Play and the App Store.

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Based on the celebrated Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, RoTK: The Legend of CaoCao’s addictive gameplay and tight mechanics invite players to join CaoCao in his quest to dominate the Three Kingdoms. Players must assemble an elite team of commanders and reenact tales of legendary heroes to defeat enemies. Today’s significant content update expands RoTK: The Legend of CaoCao’s unique gameplay, strategic mechanics and retro combat with the new features listed below. Download now and return to the warring states!

PvP Combat – Players can now test their skills with the all-new real-time PvP game mode, including the option of both Ranked and Exhibition Matches;

Extensive Battleground Enhancements – All five Battlegrounds are now larger and have been altered with new landscapes to further challenge players;

Exclusive Commander Gear – Players can earn limited new Commander Skin and Commander Exclusive Artifact treasures;

Community Special Events – Nexon offers 10,000 Gold Coins, a Seven-Star Artifact Voucher, 10 million Silver Coins and a Warlord Horse for all players who log in before Friday, Feb 8;

Additional Updates – Today’s overhaul also delivers several other system updates, including new ranking ladders, mid-battle emotes, bug fixes and in-game balances.