MU Origin 2 – A quick look at the new features of Abyssal Realm update

MU Origin 2 just had its first massive content update since launching in Southeast Asia earlier this year, adding in the high-level Abyssal Realm region. With a minimum level requirement of 280, you can bet that this region is filled with dangers all around. Oh, did I mention that it is Free-for-All PK in all the maps here? With my own character just nearing level 300, let us look at the new features MU Origin 2 has prepared for us in the abyss.

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Introduction to the Abyssal Realm

• As mentioned previously, there is a minimum level requirement of 280 to enter.

• Unless you change the PK settings, everyone can be killed and attacked in the maps of Abyssal Realm.

• All maps in this region are cross-server. This means that players from other servers will be entering all maps in the Abyssal Realm. Personally, I feel that it is better for the Abyssal Realm to be Server vs Server, instead of totally free for all PK. Even high-level players will be annoyed at the constant killing with no support most of the time.

• Here is a look at the servers involved:

Dimensional Merchant

• This is a special NPC which appears in the Elveland map in the Abyssal Realm only during the first 3 days of the update.

• At 12:00 PM server time of the 3 days, players must find this NPC somewhere on the map.

• He sells tons of valuable and exclusive items just for 1 Diamond! Even though it is cash currency, the price is just unbelievable!

• Of course, I was lucky and immediately found him once the server opened during the first day. Subsequently, I could see players killing each other to purchase items from him. Talk about a big shopping massacre!

Advanced bounty quests

• This is a really common quest system found in most mobile MMORPG titles, and I was wondering why it was missing from MU Origin 2.

• Basically, players get to choose from 1 of the 3 quests available on the screen at each time, with the missing slot being refreshed once the selected quest is completed.

• Of course, players get to refresh all 3 quests for free a few times, with the rest requiring Diamonds to do so.

• While it seems easy, do not forget that all the quests are on maps in the Abyssal Realm, which means players will be killing each other for the mobs… and no reason!

Crystal Mine

• This is more of a bonus map for high-level players to gather some items, including gold, runes, pink diamonds, and more based on the colors of the crystals.

• Once again, open PK is live here, so players might be killing to gather the rarer crystals for bonus items. Nowhere is safe in this update!

Quinton’s Revenge

• With high-level players from 5 servers congregating in 1 map for open-world boss raids, it was always a tall order for me and my server from the start.

• Not only do we have to battle against players, players have to stop an advancing Demon Lord Quinton from reaching the only safe haven in the map as well! Talk about total chaos!

Golden Force

• Similar to Quinton’s Revenge, Golden Force is an open-world event held in the new Abyssal Realm, where open PK is fair everywhere.

• There are no indications on where the Golden Force mob spawns, so players have to go around the map finding them.