Dark Eden M – Quick look at starting gameplay for both warring factions

Dark Eden is one of the longest running PC online games in the world, but its popularity has never been really high throughout the years. The premise of a PVP-centric game pitting humans against vampires in epic battles should be a massive hit, but somehow gamers did not enter the game in droves. Dark Eden M, the mobile version, launched in South Korea a few weeks back, and I gave it a quick try. Unfortunately, I did not manage to reach the faction PVP modes, something which I think the development team should change and let players experience it an hour into the game. The PC version is still running now on Steam!

Here are some main points during my short trip in Dark Eden M:

• Once players create a character from either Slayer (Human) or Vampire in a server, they cannot create characters from the opposing faction in that server. Yes, players must switch to a brand new server to select the enemy. Harsh feature, but seems awesome!

• Each faction has 4 different classes, 2 for each gender. Yes, all classes are gender-tied. As of the posting of this article, new classes are being teased on the official website.

• Of course, Slayer and Vampire begins their journey in different areas. I have yet to play the PC version of Dark Eden, but it seems mindless zombies are the common foe.

• From trying out both factions, it seems Slayer is focused on technology while Vampire is focused on magic. Once again, I am new to Dark Eden, so please spare be the eye rolls!

• While Slayer makes use of the common HP and MP system, Vampire only has the HP bar. I love the detail on how blood is everything for Vampire in this game.

• Again, I did not manage to try out any PVP modes despite spending an hour in each faction. For a faction PVP-centric game, I would expect players to be given a mock or trial PVP experience earlier in the game. This is definitely a huge disappointment.

• I don’t think that Dark Eden M will launch overseas, but crazier things have happened. Still, do not have your hopes up. Love the unique old-school graphics though, which is pretty similar to that of Lineage M’s. And a more unique theme and setting to boot.