Starlit On Wheels – Colorful mobile kart racer launching this month

[Facebook page] Starlit On Wheels, the Free-to-Play kart racing game from the popular Starlit series, launches globally on Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) smartphones on 31 January 2019. Developed by Brazilian studio Rockhead, the game is the third installment of the Starlit series, after Starlit Adventures and Starlit Archery, a franchise that has been downloaded by over 10 Million players on mobile devices and PlayStation 4. In Starlit on Wheels, the series’ main characters: Bo, Kikki, Pikke and even the villain Nuru face each other in fun races through insane tracks in the best tradition of kart games.

All characters and vehicles in Starlit On Wheels are customizable, each with their own speed, acceleration, and handling for players to find the best strategy to reach the finish line. And the races are only part of the fun in Starlit On Wheels; not only the game features 128 unique tracks developed by Rockhead, but also a full-fledged editor so that the players can let their imagination run wild, build their own dream circuits and share them with the community. The best tracks of the week are selected for the competitive in-game Cup.

The series tells the story of the Starlits, peaceful creatures that hail from Starlit Island, a floating island in the night sky. All is well in the land until the coming of the evil Nuru, that sucks all the stars into his purse. Without them, the Starlits become sleepy and dispirited, and it’s up to Bo and Kikki to use the last remaining star to travel to the Low Lands, confront Nuru and save the day. It is just the beginning of an epic journey that will take them to different worlds, to face strange creatures and live many adventures. The global launch is only the start for Starlit On Wheels, with new content and various events planned.

About the Starlit franchise

Starlit Adventures: Launched in 2015 for iOS and Android, the game has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times all over the world (USA, Europe and China, mostly).

PlayStation 4: The game arrived in 2018 on Sony’s console following it’s global success, and has achieved over 700,000 users and 15,000,000 games played on the platform.

Starlit Archery Club: Launched in 2017 for mobile, and has 150,000 users.

Trans-media: The Starlit comics have reached 250,000 readers with versions available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. An animated series is currently in production.

Millions of fans: The fan videos created organically by the passionate Starlit Adventures community have reached hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.