Sins Raid: Heroes of Light – New mobile RPG enters Closed Beta in North America

Taiwanese games publisher Cube Magic recently announced it has launched its new mobile RPG, Sins Raid: Heroes of Light, into the Closed Beta phase for gamers in North America. Available for both iOS and Android devices, Sins Raid: Heroes of Light is a hero collectible RPG which boasts up to 15 players for the exciting raid mode. There are over 40 heroes categorized into 5 groups including Tank, Melee, Healer, Range and Sorcerer, each with unique skills and abilities. It is up to players to form the best team for different situations!

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You can also download the APK file from this link. Do note that all data from this Closed Beta will be deleted after it ends in 7 days. It is time to challenge the mighty Seven Sins!

Game story: In the ever-peaceful Land of the Gods, a darkness began to spread. The First Sins have invaded. In time of crisis, rise as the Hero of the Light. Defend the innocents against the corruption of the Seven Sins in the mobile RPG, Sins Raid: Heroes of Light!