MU Origin 2 – Sequel to hit mobile MMORPG launches in Southeast Asia

Following the massively-successful pre-registration phase and Closed Beta in Southeast Asia, publisher GameNow today announced the launch of Open Beta for MU Origin 2 in all main Southeast Asia countries. Available for both Android and iOS devices, MU Origin 2 is the official sequel to the wildly popular MU Origin. All players who have pre-registered for MU Origin 2 or played in Closed Beta can now claim their rewards from the official website.

Google Play

To celebrate the official launch of MU Origin 2, the game’s Facebook page is holding several events with prizes such as physical merchandise and in-game digital rewards to be won!

The sequel to hit mobile MMORPG, MU Origin

Officially licensed from Webzen, MU Origin 2 is crafted by the same dedicated team which made the original mobile MMORPG. Today, MU Origin 2 brings players on a stunning fantasy journey, showcasing an upgraded mobile MMORPG experience with loads of new content.

Rebirth of a classic

In MU Origin 2, players will relive their memories of the original MU Online through the classic 3 classes: Swordsman, Mage, and Archer. The aim is simple for all adventuring on the fantasy continent of MU – Gear up, power up, and join players from all over the world to defend the world against rising evil and restore peace. Characters become more powerful through many ways, such as equipment refinement and wing Enhancements.

Diverse gameplay features

• Plenty of dungeon adventures with classic PVE experiences
• Intense real-time PvP combat and cross-server battles
• Live auction and unique free trade system
• Automated EXP and gear collection with idle gameplay elements

About publisher GameNow

GameNow, as well as studio Tianma, are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Ourplam. As one of China’s biggest mobile game developer and publisher in both domestic and global markets, Ourpalm has developed and published many famous games: MU Origin, MU Origin 2, The King of Fighters ’98, Freestyle, One Punch Man, Heroes of Might and Magic etc.