MIA Online – Open Beta for massive mobile MMORPG begins worldwide on Google Play

Cubinet, a member of 7 Senses Group, recently launched MIA Online, a new Free-to-Play 3D open-world mobile MMORPG, into global Open Beta on Google Play. MIA Online offers stunning 3D graphics optimized for mobile devices, along with multiple PVE and PVP modes which create a unique competitive gaming experience for the whole community. In MIA Online, players can choose from 6 game classes. MIA Online offers features such as Non-linear Character builds, Guild System, Mystical Mounts, Ring System, and many more!

Google Play

MIA Online Key features

WAR AGAINST OTHER NATIONS – Gather your friends and allies and reign supreme against the opposing Nations in the world of MIA Online.

OPEN WORLD PK – With multiple PVP modes available, be the hunter or be hunted in MIA Online’s open-world PK zone… in REAL-TIME!

ADVENTURES IN THE SKIES – Soar high above the lands with mythical mounts and explore the wonders of the skies.

NON-LINEAR CHARACTER BUILDS – Unlock your full potential and prove your strength against other heroes of MIA Online with your custom character build!

STUNNING VISUALS – Experience an epic adventure while enjoying the stunning views and landscapes in the fantasy world of MIA Online.