Seven Knights II – Netmarble determined to please fans of original game

Officially revealed last year just before G-Star 2017 began, Seven Knights II is the sequel to the hit mobile RPG, Seven Knights. Developer Netmarble has scheduled the mobile MMORPG to launch in South Korea in 2019, but has been rather quiet with updates leading up to G-Star 2018. While we are sure that Netmarble is working hard to get Seven Knights II ready to start its beta, the Korean media managed to have a quick chat with the team.

Q: Seven Knights II looks better this time after playing the demo. How has it changed since last year?

A: The core game hasn’t really changed much. It might be due to us showing more content this year, rather than the skeleton last year. Also, alot of post production work was added, such as facial expression on all characters, including movement of the mouths and eyes. All these, along with voice acting, showcased a better immersive experience overall.

Q: For those who have not played the first Seven Knights, could you briefly explain what Seven Knight II is?

A: Seven Knights II takes place 30 years after the original game. We did not set it a few hundred years apart like other sequels, as we want the players of Seven Knights to be able to find a connection between the 2 games. The story continues from the first game, but new players can still enjoy the game since the sequel is a new MMORPG genre.

Q: As mentioned, Seven Knights II has taken a massive change to the MMORPG genre. Why was this change made?

A: The main reason is due to current trends. Although turn-based system is not outdated, the majority of games are aimed at real-time production in recent years. We want to showcase what the Seven Knights IP would look like if we reinterpret it according to current trends. Also, we wanted to show that the Seven Knights IP will not only do well with cute cartoony graphics, but remains attractive even after changing the genre and system.

Q: Any final words for old and new fans of Seven Knights?

A: We are working really hard not to disappoint fans of the original Seven Knights. We are preparing many elements from the game to be included in the sequel, such as locations and characters. For the new fans who did not play Seven Knights, hopefully they will be swayed by the popularity of the Seven Knights IP.


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