Fort Stars – Former SimCity developers launch debut strategy mobile game worldwide

Magic Fuel Games, a start-up founded by four veteran EA Maxis and SimCity developers, recently launched its debut title, Fort Stars. Fort Stars is touted as a “next-generation” mobile game that allows players to create and customize their own fortresses, each containing a Throne Room that must be protected. How the player guards their own Throne Room is entirely their choice, and is achieved using an innovative level editor that combines the depth of PC sim-builders with the elegance and simplicity of mobile touchscreens.

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In Fort Stars, players can safeguard their own fortress with a wealth of strategic options, from magic-infused trap-rooms to fully armed swordsmen, fearsome cannon turrets, and even monster-sized patrol guardians. Building an impenetrable fortress is just one part of Fort Stars. Another major game mode spins the defense concept on its head by allowing players to invade other players’ fortresses after assembling a legendary team of raiders.

From a starting roster of 17 Fort Stars, players can create their very own all-star squad and invade armed fortresses using mind-blowing magic spells, ridiculous skill-shots, and screen-shaking brawls. Crush the enemy with the fearsome Barbarian. Electrify opponents with the Runemaster. And land the perfect arrow with the Ranger. All 17 heroes can be upgraded, and many more heroes will be added in regular updates after the game’s launch.