Final Fantasy Explorers Force – Yet another FF mobile game shutting down in Japan

If you did not know, Square Enix has launched many mobile games based on the Final Fantasy IP in Japan over the past several years, and most of them do not get any overseas launch. Rather than being successful domestically, many are actually being shut down, in this case Final Fantasy Explorers Force. Launch just in March this year, Square Enix recently announced it is shutting down in February next year, with about 11 months in operations.

Many players are upset as Square Enix previously showcased a development and new content roadmap for Final Fantasy Explorers Force, but apparently did not keep to its promise. Players continue to spend money and play the game, although not enough to satisfy Square Enix. Of course, due to the terms and conditions players agreed to when starting the game, there is no legal case to pursue. The game does look pretty awesome.