Modern Combat 5 – Mobile shooter gets PC Steam launch later this year

[Steam page] While it is common to see PC games getting mobile versions these days, it is really rare to see mobile games get made into a PC game, which is happening for Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5. First launched for mobile devices back in 2014, Modern Combat 5 has quietly landed on Steam with a scheduled release date of fall 2018. The requirements are not very high, demanding a Windows 10 operating system and Geforce GT 730 for the recommended specs, along with 4GB of space. Stay tuned for updates!

Modern Combat 5 is an intense FPS that puts you in control of one of 10 unique soldier classes, each packing their own unique arsenal, skills and personality – but they all share the same thirst for victory! Players will get to travel worldwide from Tokyo to Venice to stop an apocalypse, or test their teamwork in dynamic multiplayer battles against online rivals from around the world! 14 languages will be supported when Modern Combat 5 launches. Before I forget, the game is stated as Free-to-Play on Steam along with in-app purchases.

Key game features:

• Completely customize your combat style by first choosing a class to play as, then unlock new skills as you level up, and equip advanced tactical suits and weapon attachments to fine-tune your capabilities.

• Play the complex solo campaign or join hardcore multiplayer battles.

• Watch other players battle in Spectator mode; perfect for picking up new tactics, or just to enjoy cheering your friends to victory.

• Live-chat with friends and teammates in the Global and Squad Chats.

• Level up your character by playing either the offline story mode or online PvP.

• Watch your name rise to the top of the leaderboards, and even win exclusive rewards in limited-time events!

• Enjoy flawless graphics, music and voice acting with seamlessly integrated cutscenes as you make your way through an intense story filled with unique challenges in which you travel the world to stop a global terrorist plot.