Blade & Soul: Revolution – Netmarble announces Korean launch date for new mobile MMORPG

Netmarble held is media conference for Blade & Soul: Revolution earlier today, and announced a slew of information for the mobile MMORPG. Powered by Unreal Engine 4 based on the popular IP from NCsoft, Blade & Soul: Revolution is scheduled to launch officially in South Korea on December 6, with pre-registration starting today as well. The story of Blade & Soul: Revolution will follow the original, including the conflict with Jinsoyun and the search for the powerful sword, Twilight’s Edge. Netmarble claims that it is aiming to improve on what Lineage 2: Revolution could offer to players with this huge new title.

As for features, Netmarble is touting that key features from the Blade & Soul PC version have found its way into the game, including glide and sprint while exploring the 5 massive zones. I am not sure if players will like this, but there are over 150 high-quality cinematic cut scenes in Blade & Soul: Revolution, supposedly to make the story more immersive along with voice acting. Another main feature touted is the 500 vs 500 real-time clan battle, with elements such as watchtowers and cannons to provide the strategic elements.

There are a total of 4 playable races announced, along with 4 playable classes. While it seems that Netmarble has included a supposed new Machinist (기공사) class for the Lyn race, it is actually similar to Force Master focused on casting elemental spells, which you can see in the video below. According to the description, Machinist is a class which attacks from a distance and “controls several objects”. I have no idea why it is labeled as a “Machinist”, perhaps a Korean native can shed more details. That is all for now, stay tuned!