Baram: Yeon – Mobile game based on classic Nexon MMORPG announced

Baram is a PC MMORPG under Nexon which first starting service back in 1996, and is still getting regular content updates till this day. In 2016, Baram was recognized by Guinness World Records as the “Longest-running commercial graphical MMORPG”! The English server, still in service now, is known as Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds. Earlier today, it was revealed that a mobile version of Baram is in the works, titled Baram: Yeon, developed by little known studio SUPERCAT. Baram: Yeon is currently scheduled for launch in 2019.

Baram was based adapted from a manhwa (Korean manga) by Kim Jin, and in 2008 had a Korean drama released as well, using the English name The Kingdom of the Winds. “Yeon” is actually the name of the story’s female protagonist, and also the name of the most popular server. Currently, only the logo for Baram: Yeon is revealed, although it was stated that the mobile version will build on the foundations of the PC version. Stay tuned for info!

Note: Screenshots below are from the PC version.