Wild Arms: Million Memories – New official trailer arrives as pre-registration begins in Japan

ForwardWorks Corporation, the mobile games publishing arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment, officially revealed its latest mobile RPG, Wild Arms: Million Memories last Friday. The pre-registration phase has also started in Japan, although it is unknown if the title will reach overseas shores. Developed by Wright Flyer Studios, Wild Arms: Million Memories takes place on the dying planet of Filgaia. The devastation is apparently caused by Mother, the progenitor of the Metal Demon race and the main antagonist of Wild Arms.

Wild Arms: Million Memories features an all-star cast of protagonists from previous Wild Arms games, including Rudy Roughknight and Cecilia Adlehyde from the original, followed by Ashley Winchester from Wilds Arms 2, Virginia Maxwell from Wild Arms 3, up to Wild Arms XF! However, there is a new female protagonist who wields a gun and goes by the name of Britney as well, who is taught the in and outs of ARM by her grandfather. Not just her, players can expect to meet new characters as well on their journey to stop Mother.