11 Calamities – Author of A Certain Magical Index takes part in new Square Enix mobile game

While the name of the mobile game is not officially announced yet, the teaser site’s URL does state it as “11 Calamities”. Back to the main topic, Square Enix is set to announce a new mobile RPG written by Kazuma Kamachi at the annual Dengeki Bunko Festival on 7 October. Kazuma Kamachi is best known for the creation of the A Certain Magical Index franchise which, as of 2013, has sold over 14.25 million copies of the light novel in Japan.

That is not all as Kiyotaka Haimura, the main illustrator of A Certain Magical Index, is the main character designer! Studio Trigger, which worked on anime series such as Kill La Kill and Darling in the Franxx, will be creating the opening animation. Talk about an all-star development team! Finally, Japanese pop rock band Myth & Roid will be performing the game’s main theme, Future is Mine. Stay tuned on 7 October for all the latest game details!