Project Mist Gears – Brave Frontier developer reveals new IP with 2 partners

A minor ripple was sent through the Japanese gaming community when 3 major companies revealed a mobile game project earlier today. Alim (Brave Frontier developer), tri-Ace (Star Ocean Anamnesis) and Shueisha (publisher of One Piece manga) jointly announced Project Mist Gears, a new IP which is meant to contain a mobile game, manga series, and even a light novel focusing on a fantasy world engulfed by the “mist of despair”. All 3 companies will work together on Project Mist Gears using their expertise in development and operations.

The script of Project Mist Gears is handled by novelist Hajime Tanaka while character design will be taken care by manga artist Yōichi Amano. All 3 media projects mentioned above are connected to form the world of Mist Gears. Back to the mobile game, it is touted as an “environment RPG”, where the surroundings (such as monsters) are altered by the mist and players explore the in teams of 4. Although dangerous, the mist is required to activate the special weapons, Mist Gears! Project Mist Gears is set to launch in Japan before winter.