MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder – Mobile RPG from new Taiwan studio revealed

MarsCat is a new development studio in Taiwan founded in March 2017 by industry veterans, and it aims to develop games using the Unity engine. The studio looks well-funded, given its impressive office and well-prepared website. Recently, MarsCat officially announced its first mobile game, MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder, formerly known as Project Camelot. As you might have guessed, the folks over there really love cats! Here is the debut game trailer.

A turn-based mobile game with the now-common character cards collection system, MEOW features a unique function where players can recruit another player into their team when randomly meeting in town. When both players become friends, the recruited character will become stronger as its real player continues playing him/her. This is like a deep character-sharing system seldom seen in games, and benefits continue even when players are offline!

Players can also expect epic boss fights with changing environment elements. Traps can be activated, walls destroyed, etc are all elements added to improve the combat experience. There is also a strategic element which players have to take note of, and using these to effectively slay the bosses. Sounds like dying a few times to figure out the best strategy for each boss fight cannot be avoided! MEOW is scheduled to launch in Taiwan later this year.


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