Jade Dynasty Mobile – Mobile MMORPG based on famous PC title launches on App Store and Google Play

Game developer and publisher 101XP has opened the gates to Jade Dynasty Mobile – the mobile MMORPG from the creators of the the legendary Perfect World! Featuring 4 unique playable classes, Jade Dynasty Mobile is touted as one of the first mobile games in the RPG genre to enable flying in full 3D. No limits, no height restrictions, players will be able to freely roam the skies in any direction possible. Players can choose to fly solo or with loyal friends on a 2 or 5-seater mount! Massive cross-server PVP, clan and disciple systems, marriage feature, gorgeous costumes, special events and many more awaits. Play now!

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Google Play

Key features of Jade Dynasty Mobile:

1. Free-form mounted exploration!

2. Boundless scenic 3d flight with no height restrictions, fly anywhere you want!

3. Do not feel like exploring the vast expanses of the Jade Dynasty world alone? Conquer the skies alongside your friends!

4. A wide array of character customization options

5. Broad choice of cosmetic items and accessories at your disposal, create your own unique character!

6. Massive cross-server PVP battles.

7. 4 schools — noble Jadeon mages, fearless Lupin warriors, cunning Vim swordsmen, and serene Skysong healers. Make your choice, declare a full-scale war on other clans and prove your school to be the strongest!

8. Advanced clan system

9. Your clan is your family. Have a wedding, recruit apprentices, build an amicable clan, and unlock special events!

10. Incredibly optimized for mobile devices HD graphics allowing full appreciation of the elaborate and vibrant landscapes.