Dragalia Lost – Nintendo and Cygames to launch new mobile RPG in United States next month

First announced back in April, Dragalia Lost is a new mobile game collaboration made by Nintendo and Cygames. In what seem like a major project for Nintendo, a special Nintendo live-stream was recently aired just to announce new details of the game. First and foremost, Dragalia Lost will launch on 27 September in Japan, United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau in Japanese, English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese languages.

It seems really odd that Nintendo and Cygames decided to put North America has part of the launch regions, as games usually launch in Asia first followed by a joint North America and Europe launch. That matter aside, Dragalia Lost talks about the story of humans and dragons in the fantasy kingdom of Alberia. The royal family possesses the power to form a pact with dragons, borrowing their forms and wield their powers. The main protaganist, the seventh prince, goes on a journey to find a dragon to bond with in order to protect the weakening Sacred Shard. On the journey, he will meet new friends and face new dangers.

According to the live-stream, there are around 60 companions to recruit from, with the gacha system in place. Players battle in teams of 4 characters, chosen from a variety of roles including attack, defense, support, and recovery. Characters also gains the ability to transform into dragons once the requirements are met during combat. There are currently 5 dragons announced, each representing a different element. Rather than just grinding the single-player campaign, Dragalia Lost also provides players with online co-op boss raids!

All the usual RPG elements aside, players can take a break by constructing their own town, or citadel as it is known as in the game. Different buildings can be constructed and opens up new functions, even boosting the team and training up the dragons! The English pre-registration phase has also gone live, so enter your details and await the official launch of Dragalia Lost! Once again, Nintendo mentioned United States as the launch region, not a worldwide English launch. The game might not be available to everyone at the beginning!