Red Stone 2 – Claim your free item code to celebrate the launch of new mobile RPG

Red Stone 2 has finally launched on Google Play and the App Store last week! Developed by Korean studio L&K and published by Ludic Games, Red Stone 2 is the official sequel to the hit PC MMORPG, Red Stone Online, which has millions of fans worldwide through its various regional services. Here is a code below worth USD 50.00 to help you on your journey! Players can also download the APK here to play on emulator software on your PC systems.

Apple iTunes
Google Play

Expiry date to claim: 31 July 2018

Items included:

  • 500 Green Carrots
  • 200k Gold
  • 5x Candy Recharge Coupon
  • 5x Raid Tickets
  • 5x Tower Keys

How to claim on Android version: Navigate to Settings > Game Info > Coupon

How to claim on IOS version: Use the (Z) button, then tap (+) to contact customer service with the code, and they will deposit the same items into your account!