God Eater Online – Mobile MMORPG is shutting down in Japan next month

Launching last year in Japan, Bandai Namco Entertainment recently announced the closure of God Eater Online on 27 September, around 19 months after launch. Co-developed with Asobimo, a studio known for its mobile MMORPG titles, God Eater Online boasted Aragami boss fights with 100 players in the same map. Together with anime cut scenes produced by Ufotable, a reputable animation studio, God Eater Online’s failure might seem very surprising.

With the closure announcement, its thus confirmed God Eater Online will not be launched overseas. It is a pity as the game is an official sequel to God Eater 2 Rage Burst, which was launched in North America and Europe for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 back in August 2016. There was even an in-game collaboration campaign with Tales of Link, another IP under Bandai Namco. It seems there is really no guaranteed success even with a popular IP!