Aura Kingdom R – Second mobile game based on popular anime PC MMORPG announced

Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment recently announced its new mobile game, Aura Legend R, which is scheduled to launch sometime in Taiwan next month.As you have guessed correctly, this is the second mobile game based on the globally successful PC MMORPG, Aura Kingdom. The first mobile game is still running. For Aura Kingdom R, it is said to inherit many of the original features, such as Eidolons, weapon swapping, player housing, marriage, and more. New features will include brand new Eidolons, community functions, and voice actors!

Technology wise, X-Legend Entertainment has implemented a new cartoon-style rendering system which allows the game’s 3D graphics to showcase effects of 2D animations, thus presenting a new vibrant world to players. In Aura Kingdom R, other than the default voice acting, apparently players are able to purchase new voice packs as well! The seiyuus include:

• Yui Horie (Carla in Fairy Tail)

• Rie Kugimiya (Klaxosaurs Princess in Darling in the Franxx)

• Misaki Kuno (Sakura Fujimiya in Battle Girl High School)

• Inori Minase (Hikari Kongō in Himouto! Umaru-chan R)

• Shunsuke Takeuchi (Revolver in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS) … and many more!

For new Eidolons making their debuts in Aura Kingdom R, most of them will be of Eastern Oriental descent, meaning they are based mostly on Asian myths and legends. Expect to meet Eidolons such as Du Fu, Li Bai, Heibai Wuchang, and iconic characters from popular series such as Journey to the West.. all with a twist! All Eidolon art will be drawn in the same quality as those in other Aura Kingdom games, with full voice overs. Stay tuned for updates!



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