Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Square Enix bringing new mobile JRPG to North America this July

[Google Play pre-register] Square Enix today announced that Star Ocean: Anamnesis, a brand new journey in the popular sci-fi fantasy Star Ocean series, is coming to the North America this July on the App Store and Google Play for mobile devices. The exciting mobile RPG puts players in the captain’s chair as they lead a squad of heroes across the galaxy.

They will have the freedom to build endless strategic and iconic teams with returning all-star characters from the Star Ocean series, choosing between attackers, sharpshooters, defenders, invokers and healers to assemble a powerful crew. Enhanced mobile-specific controls will have users experience fast-paced real-time combat with gorgeous 3D graphics.

For the first time in the series, players will also be able to tackle missions together in a brand-new co-op multiplayer mode. Apple iOS device users can now register for the official Apple Testflight closed beta to get an exclusive preview of the game before launch: Fans can also pre-register now through Google Play, with prizes including the iconic Welch Vineyard, as well as the cool and collected Faize.