Blade II: The Return of Evil – Korean launch set for next week as global plans remain unknown

Developer Action Square and publisher Kakao Games held a media event earlier today to talk about the upcoming South Korean launch of the new action mobile game, Blade II: The Return of Evil. During Q&A, Action Square mentioned that the game’s graphics have been optimized for launch, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone a minimal to enjoy a “smooth gameplay” while the Samsung Galaxy S8 was recommended as the ideal mobile device.

The new tag system in Blade II, where players can switch characters any time, is used to curb the bore of grinding in such action games. Action Square also confirmed that other than the 4 starting characters, more are being developed. While Kakao Games obtained the global rights (other than China) for Blade II, it is still too early to talk about the global launch just yet, with a focus on the South Korean version first. Stay tuned for updates!