Returners – Nexon launches new hero management RPG worldwide

Aladdin, Hercules, Cleopatra, Robin Hood and more are back and ready to go head-to-head today in Returners, the highly-anticipated management RPG mobile title from Nexon Korea, a worldwide leader in Free-to-Play online and mobile games. Returners pits classic heroes spanning centuries of history, myth and lore to engage in thrilling real-time 5 vs 5 combat. Returners is now live worldwide on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

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Returners combines fan-favorite RPG elements with original management-style gameplay to create a realistic and exciting sense of adventure, where strategic decisions carry real-time consequences. The game’s charming art direction re-imagines familiar heroes, and creates a unique and gorgeous environment for players to explore, battle and compete in PvE and worldwide PvP matches, testing player skills, tactics and mettle. Get ready for war!

The features included in the current launch version of Returners include:

· Iconic Heroes – Play as colorful and renowned heroes from history and myth of old, ranging from Theseus, the warrior king of Athens, to famed 16th century musical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart;

· Strategic Team Management – Supplement the game’s expansive RPG adventure with an intuitive team management gameplay system to optimize a 5-hero squad. Choose powerful heroes from a variety of classes, such as the Tanker, Dealer and Supporter, and customize tactic cards and gear to advance in the PvE and PvP rankings;

· Thrilling 5 vs 5 Battles – Lead a team of mighty heroes in intense, real-time 5v5 combat. Develop unique strategies and tactics to overcome formidable opponents in punishing PvE, league and tournament modes;

· Charming Animated Graphics – Familiar heroes are reborn in a bold, yet delightful art style. Enjoy beautiful landscapes and settings while spectacular visuals make interactive battles a joy to watch;

· Competitive League System– Battle through the introductory PvE mode for the honor of entering the PvP arena, where players compete in grueling league and tournament modes. Check daily rankings to see where players stack-up around the world, and challenge powerful opponents to claim a stake among the competitive elite! Players receive tournament rewards anytime they log-in following a competitive match.

· Special Launch Events – Obtain powerful items and rewards by participating in the special launch events


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