Kritika: The White Knights – New combative Monk class enters the mobile action RPG

After more than 3 years since launching on mobile devices, publisher Gamevil today announced the biggest game content update for Kritika: The White Knights in 2018 thus far. The main feature is the 13th class, Monk, whom Gamevil hinted as “just one of the many new characters waiting to be released.” Having practiced unarmed martial arts since his childhood, the new Monk class is the absolute god of close-range combat in Kritika!

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He is currently on a quest of revenge to find out who attacked him when he was young, an incident which cost him to lose his left eye and destroyed the temple he grew up in. Rather than just AOE offensive abilities fueled by the powerful Dark Gems, some of his skills protect him during combat as well. This update, which is now live, upgrades the gameplay with functions such as new daily dungeon, new auto repeat system, bug fixes and more!


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