Nexon Korea – Gaming giant restructures internal teams into 7 studios

Nexon Korea recently announced it has re-organized its internal development teams, and have officially granted the 7 internal studios independence from the head office to promote the development of more creative products. Each of them are also encouraged to grow its own work philosophy, and create friendly competition. This “restructuring” is also to help with Nexon Korea’s future growth in the gaming industry. The 7 studios are as follows.

1. devCAT – Developer of Mabinogi, Mabinogi Heroes (Vindictus), Mabinogi Duel, Mabinogi Mobile

2. What! Studio – Developer of Durango

3. Studio One (formerly a team under Thingsoft) – Co-developer of FIFA Online series, NBA Street Online series, and developer of Tango Five, Dungeon & Fighters 2 (Project Knock)

4. Thingsoft – Developer of Peria Chronicles, ROTK: The Legend of Cao Cao

5. Nexon GT (formerly Ndoors) – Co-developer of Titanfall Online, developer of Sudden Attack, Atlantica Online (game sold to another company)

6. Nexon Red – Developer of Alliance X Empire (AxE), Legion of Heroes, Fantasy War Tactics

7. Boolean Games – Developer of Dark Avenger series