Monster Strike – New physical card game based on top mobile game announced

XFLAG, the subsidiary studio under Japanese social network giant Mixi, recently revealed Monster Strike Card Game, a physical trading card game based on the company’s super popular and top-grossing mobile game, Monster Strike. Played with 4 people, Monster Strike Card Game will launch in Japan on 2nd March with 95 cards in the first set, Myths of Yamato, including 5 x SSR, 10 x SR, 25 x R, and 55 x C. Each booster pack costs 270 Yen (around 2.50 USD), with a pre-made starter deck costing 1620 Yen (around 14.80 USD).

The English version of Monster Strike was closed down back in August 2017, as the game failed to pick up traction despite some big-budget (but questionable) marketing campaigns. It wasn’t even made available for download in many countries outside of North America as well. Monster Strike also failed to attract an audience in China despite being published by Tencent Games, although Mixi is trying to crack the country again by opening a subsidiary.