Hero Hunters – Mobile team-based hero shooter launches worldwide

Hothead Games might not sound familiar to most gamers, but this mobile games studio has been developing several award-winning titles over the years, including the Kill Shot series of mobile shooters. Hero Hunters, its latest team-based, third-person shooter, was launched recently worldwide on Google Play and iTunes. Gamers can now recruit a powerful team of gun-toting heroes and party with friends worldwide for incredible shootout battles.

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Players find themselves projected 50 years into the future, a decade after the “Zero Day” bombing event, when a biological weapon swept the earth and the world cascaded into a violent war that lead to the collapse of civilization. Players must lead a team of heroes to defeat the villainous warlord General Kurtz and hunt down his army of lethal “Lawgivers.”

In Hero Hunters, mobile gamers are able to quickly and seamlessly switch from hero to hero in the midst of fast-paced action, allowing them to play as whichever hero they want at any time. Whether controlling the archer huntress Artemis, the cyber ninja Odachi, or the heavy weapons specialist Steele, gamers can switch between any of the five heroes they’ve chosen to take into battle in order to gain a strategic advantage over their enemy. Each hero offers unique skills and powerful abilities that can quickly turn the tide of battle.

With over 40 heroes available, Hero Hunters features the high fidelity graphics and intense shooting action that Hothead Games has become known for, along with inventive team-based gameplay that is unique to mobile gaming. Players can also immerse themselves in the single-player mode as they fight against raiders, bandits and worse in a post-apocalyptic cityscape. New regions, more heroes and exciting community events are planned in the coming months with exciting social gameplay being the focus of this game.

While fighting to restore order and justice, Hero Hunters players can experience these exciting features:

World-Class Gun Play: A cover-based, third-person shooter experience with amazing console-like graphics, featuring modern and futuristic weaponry from sniper rifles to energy guns.

Real-time PvP Tactical Battle Mode: Challenge other players in real-time multiplayer tactical Player-versus-Player combat.

Co-op Boss Raid Mode: Play with friends to battle huge mechs and other epic enemies.

Gauntlet Mode: Beat your rivals in intense time-based event competitions focused on both solo and strategic group play.

Alliances: Join forces with your friends to build an unstoppable military alliance.

Hero Collection: Collect exclusive heroes, each with their own legendary weapons and special abilities, and assemble the best team.