Digimon ReArise – Exclusive new digimon revealed for upcoming mobile game

Bandai Namco recently revealed more details about its upcoming mobile game, Digimon ReArise, including the exclusive starter Digimon and theme song! Created by master animator Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, the new Digimon is pronounced as Erismon (エリスモン), and it apparently holds the key to whatever is happening in the main story. A lightning hedgehog, Erismon attacks by shooting out a bunch of electrified needles from his back.

As you can see below, new screenshots of Digimon ReArise have also been revealed, including the battle scene! Just what is the evil organization known as Spiral up to in the game? The theme song of Digimon ReArise will be performed by Straightener which is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a band. The music video will be released next month.