Hello Heroe: Epic Battle – Pre-registration begins for Southeast Asia gamers

[Pre-register now] Fincon is the South Korean developer of global Facebook and mobile games including Hello Hero and Angel Stone, but it is important to note that a big part of the players are from Southeast Asia. This no doubt led to Fincon having an early pre-registration phase Hello Heroe: Epic Battle in the region before global launch! After the success of Hello Heroe, Fincon is ready to launch the sequel in 2018. A major difference is the portrait mode, rather than sticking with the landscape view found in the original game.

A hero-collection RPG at its core, Fincon is also introducing physical smart toys together with Hello Heroe: Epic Battle. They are basically like amiibo figures from Nintendo, or the figurines from Disney Infinity, which can communicate with the core game for bonuses or unlock characters and features. Fincon even worked with Spiral Cats Team (seen below) to preview these smart toys last year at game conventions! Judging by the quality of their previous games, I have high hopes for Epic Battle. Remember to pre-register for the game!



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