Breakers: Dawn of Heroes – Anime mobile fighter enters Open Beta in selected countries

Japanese game developer and publisher CyberStep, known for its PC online games such as GetAmped and CosmicBreak, recently announced the Open Beta phase for its new mobile title, Breakers: Dawn of Heroes. Currently only available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines on Google Play, Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is a 3D action fighting game featuring an intuitive control system in which players can use various familiar touchscreen motions to control their characters in combat. Experience a new style of fast-pace combat!

Google Play

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is a fighting game built around an expansive single-player campaign which pits players against hordes of “Ghouls”. The Open Beta phase features 4 chapters, with more waiting to be released after the official launch. Players can choose from a large roster of heroes to play as, each with their own unique abilities and play-styles. Heroes can be customized in various ways including costumes, weapons, and skills.

Players can then take their customized Heroes into cooperative mode, allowing up to 3 players to test their mettle against some of the toughest foes in the game. For those seeking an even greater challenge, players can participate in competitive ranked and unranked Team Deathmatch, which pit two teams of 3 players against each other. Players seeking a more direct method of comparing their skill can participate in one vs one duels.