Soul of Eden – New competitive mobile game emerges from Taiwan

Rayark is one of the few established game studios in Taiwan, and its debut mobile title Implosion is the recipient of many global awards. Several mobile games are currently in-development, with Soul of Eden being one of them. Upon first look at the gameplay, Soul of Eden might look very familiar due to how the UI is designed. In a nutshell, players will be sending out units and casting spells according to mana cost to destroy the opponent’s base.

Yes, Clash Royale immediately comes into mind. However, there are really differences the team thought of for Soul of Eden. There are 4 unique races where players can form their deck from, mainly Human (AOE and ranged attacks), Alien (drains HP from units and spawns many units fast), Empire (suitable for new players with a variety of traits), and Beast (uses a variety of animal units each with different skills such as fire attacks or heals). Interesting!

Perhaps taking a leaf out of Hearthstone, there are powerful hero units for each race with high mana costs who comes equipped with powerful abilities. Rayark developer Soul of Eden with competitive gaming in mind, and it is also the first attempt at such genre by the studio. Soul of Eden is scheduled to launch (regions not stated) in the first half of 2018. Stay tuned!


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